Sata 3 Drive Benchmark Speeds on a Sata 2 Port

Hi All, I looked through similar posts about this topic but I haven't found a specific answer for it so I am starting this thread.

I know that if you put a Sata 3 drive in a Sata 2 port you will run the SSD at Sata 2 speeds which is 3Gbps.

Lets say I'm putting an OCZ Solid 3 SSD in a Sata 2 port, its specs are 500MB read, 450MB write. Because the Sata 2 port can only transfer data at speeds of 3Gbps (or 3,000,000,000/8 = 375MB/s), will I be getting around 375MB/s read/write speeds?

I've read elsewhere people saying you'll only get ~250-280, but those numbers are actual SSD drives made for Sata 2 ports (ie. vertex 2). So what if you plug in a Sata 3 SSD? Will I max out the Sata 2 port transfer speeds?
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  1. Due to 8B/10B encoding the maximum data transfer rate of a SATA 2 port is 300MB/s.

    Due to CPU, chipset, & AHCI/RAID driver overhead you will probably not get 300MB/s. Expect 295+
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