Do I have any options with this hdd?

Sorry if this question is completely naive but when I connect a harddrive I have, it doesn't even start up. Is there anything I can do here or is this drive trash? I'm just thinking that if whatever powers the drive is damaged, then perhaps the content of the drive is still fine??

If there's ANYthing I can do I'd love to hear from someone.
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  1. If you have two identical drives (down to the revision), you can swap out the controller board on the underside of the drives and it may work. I've seen other people do it, but never had the chance to try it myself. Mostly because all of my dead drives are from a decade ago and I only had one. My data wasn't valuable enough to hunt down another controller card.
  2. So that's the only way? No other way to fix this that anyone knows of?
  3. If it is recognized by the bios, but just not reading the disk I have heard of people sticking the HDD in the freezer and then supposedly being able to recover some data.

    Beyond that you are getting into the realm of professional data recovery. If your data is worth that much, then you are best off sending it to the pros (it can cost thousands)
  4. Depending on the problem and on the model, sometimes there is an easy, no-cost DIY fix. But until you tell us what "this HDD" is, and until you show us a photo of the circuit board, then nobody can even begin to help you.
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