Is this coolant ok?

5L is to much but it leaves me with coolant left over
My last coolant was Alphacoool ultra pure and a killcoil
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  1. Just use normal distilled water, all that purification yawn is pointless, once its been in your pump, its conductive,
    distilled, killcoil or biocide or UV cathode and your set
  2. Thanks for the reply

    Ordering from that store online is easier for me then going out and buying distilled water, I can't find distilled anywhere :P they all have di-ionised :P

    Would this be fine to use with a killcoil?
  3. Distilled water should be at your local grocery store.
  4. De-ionised/distilled is an interchangeable term, its just the process thats slightly different, the de-ionised you can source with a killcoil will be fine
    *Edit for Lutfij' respose,
    either with biocide is fine dude, just de-ionised 'needs' it more than distilled, no matter as anyone going wet has a solution planned, even if they don't know it :)
  5. ^ you sure mate, i'm also able to get my hands on demineralized DM water but not Distilled, however everyone here says that the battery water i got , DM, is distilled....
  6. You can always make your own distilled water :P
  7. Thats also crossed my mind as advice muffin, but not a lot of people have the facilities, patience or kit to distill,
    <Bloody well would if I was allowed to :P
  8. I got told De-ionised was a bit of a nono and that distilled is better (something to dowith de-ionised taking ions back from waterblocks)
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