What To Upgrade CPU or GPU????

Hi there lets get to the point.

I have an E8400 @ 4GHz
Asus p45 P5Q-E
4 GB of ballistics ram @ 991MHz
300GB Vraptor HHD
1GB 4870 @ 810/1000MHz.

It runs really cool at idle (25Degs) and still really cool at load (45-50Degs) so cooling is not a problem.

I have about £450 to spend and I was wondering if I would would get better gaming performance from an i5 750 bundle or getting a ATI 5870 with the current bundle.

Please help guys.
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  1. e8400 oc to 4ghz it's realy good cpu for gaming if u ask me buy your self another 4870
  2. As i run at high res i would actually lose fps if i crosfired the 4870. also the pcie would drop down to 8x rather that 16x due to it being p45.
  3. i think you better can buy a new grapic card, your cpu is up to date and ready for gaming ;)
  4. What resolution do you game at?

    Look at this article..

    OK it doesn't have the 5800 series cards but gives you an idea of where you are balanced. If we look at the 4890 (comparable to your 4870) we see performance gains across the spectrum (aside the ultra high resolutions) for a new CPU, wheras for your processor, the change in graphics card doesn't have so much effect, again apart from the highest resolution.

    On the whole I would say its maybe time for a new CPU.
  5. Oh, what the effect of the oveclock on your CPU has and how it changes things, I don't really know I'm afraid..
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