Can't see laptop HD on my Desktop

I'm trying to recover data from a laptop's SATA Hard Drive that had a bootmgr error. I bought a SATA to USB External Enclosure in hopes of just plugging it in to my desktop and transferring the data. I can see the drive on my desktop but when I click on it, Windows says "you need to format the disk in drive N: before you can use it". Now the whole purpose I did this is to recover the data not lose it :pfff: . Is there a way around this? Any help is much appreciated.


Aspire 6930
Windows Vista

Dell Studio XPS
Windows 7 64bit
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  1. Never mind I found a solution. For anyone else having a similar issue, I used a Data Recovery program from I Just plugged in the hard drive, ran the program, and selected the drive I wanted to recover it did the rest.
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