4004 CPU mistake in AD - 40 years and millions replays

In ADs that replays millions time have a mistake.
contains a .PDF datasheet haven't this mistake frequency's CPU.
Mistake created on translates uS in kHz.
in timeline.pdf - file (AD) this frequency is 108 kHz and this millions time replay for 38 years ;-)

Wrong! in 4004_datasheet.pdf - file this frequency is 92,6 kHz (directly not writed).

In file 4004 have 10,8 uS machine cycle and 1,35 uS minimum clock time. Clock divided by 8 equals 10,8 uS and mean 92,6 kHz.
38 year this "feature" didn't notice.

(sorry 4 my English, please)
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  1. 4004 CPU datasheet

    and AD

    One mo mistake of Intel ;-)

    this CPU in april 1972 (4 month past of release) take off 2 fly to Jupiter and Saturn (stars can frighten) on Pioneer-10 board.
    Jupiter and Saturn - stars can frighten (c) Pink Floyd
  2. What the hell was that?
  3. where is hell? ;-)
    4004 is old Intel CPU. Is that clear?
    Grand father of all Intel's microprocessor. The first microprocessor.
    Surf to url.
  4. Umm, that's great and all, but who the hell cares some 40 years later??
  5. That's great.
  6. Here
    and here
    and first calculator on microprocessor and many mo.
    Inet engulf me! ;-)
  7. @jenix, what is the point of this thread?
  8. My accidental discovery for me...
    As full this site for anybody else...
  9. Your recent discovery is forty year old historical reading for others so unless you have something new to add to an already very old story I suggest we put this thread to bed.
  10. to bed (to soil in tomb ;-0) or to bed (to bad - you know Im bad (c) MJ) ? ;-)
  11. Good night, sleep tight.
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