No Post on older amd athlon 64/abit kv8 setup

Hello everyone, been reading through the articles and forums and love all the useful info, but I cant find a solution to my problem anywhere. Sorry for the long post.

I have a homebuilt pc with:
AMD Athlon 64 2.something ghz processor
Abit KV8 Pro mobo
1 GB DDR2 Ram
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro GPU
Stock Gaming case 450w (i believe) PSU

About a year and a half ago I ditched this setup for a new laptop and just recently decided to pull it out of my basement and dust it out and get it up and running again. I was having some memory issues, getting the constant beep Post when I put it away, fixed that (apperently KV8s bend and stop the ram from connecting). I came home from class and it was giving me the Ram post again a few days ago, so I fixed that, and now it's giving me a no beep post, no video out, but all fans are spinning.
My mobo has an LED post, which is reading 26, which means:

1. if early_init_onboard_generator is not defined Onboard clock generator initialization. Disable respective clock resources to empty PCI & DIMM slots.
2. Init onboard PWM
3. Init onboard H/W monitor devices

I should say that before figuring out that it was ram related I dropped the cpu/heatsink onto my GPU (couple inches, only noticable damage to cpu was one pin was bent, but still looks fine after straitening). I had to detatch the cpu from the sink to reinstall it, it was glued with heat transfering adhesive.

I don't currently have another platform to test the components, and am trying to figure out what to do. I want to upgrade the system to an i5 or i7 eventually, and a new GPU, but I cant afford to do it all right now, maybe the GPU or the mobo/cpu/memory. I would rather get this up and running again for the time being though. Im not sure if I messed up the GPU or the CPU when I dropped it. Mobo looks fine.

I already tried clearing cmos and only have cpu/video card hooked up right now, still no dice. Any advice is greatly apreciated.
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  1. I just sold a mobo, cpu and ddr ram for 35 bucks on ebay identical to your setup.

    I can tell you that your gpu wont be compatible if you upgrade the ram, cpu and mobo. So you would technically have to upgrade your power supply and video card when you do this.

    Do you have a magnifying glass you can look at the pins with more closely? I would suggest the pins could be bent more than you can notice with the naked eye and it still could fit well enough to drop into the socket but not get a good connection. Try that 1st.

    I would reset the BIOS again and reseat the video card and the ram to make sure you have proper connection. Make sure all of your power cables are firmly seated and in place and make sure your BIOS is correctly configured.

    The best info I can find that has the most info is this but still doesn't completely answer your question:

    Do you have another video card you can try?...
  2. To be perfectly blunt, it sounds like your problem now is that the CPU is damaged, and the original problem was that the motherboard sucked to begin with.

    Any time you have a component with a bent pin, it is permanently suspect, even if it superficially LOOKS like you were able to straighten it.

    First thing I'd try is replacing the CPU -- it looks like you can now find them online for between $25-$40.
  3. thanks, i can wait til after the holidays and get it all replaced, but does anyone know what the post code means when it says this?:
    1. if early_init_onboard_generator is not defined Onboard clock generator initialization. Disable respective clock resources to empty PCI & DIMM slots.
    2. Init onboard PWM
    3. Init onboard H/W monitor devices

    After reinstalling the cpu several times, the post led said "soft menu reset", im hoping that means theres still some life left in the cpu, but I'm not sure what most of these post terms mean
  4. Hmm. From what I can see, other people reporting that error message indicate that it's likely a video card-related problem, and advise re-seating the graphics card and RAM, maybe doing a CMOS clear, basically seeing if the motherboard just needs a good kick in the ass to recognize the components in its slots. I'd at least try that before you start chucking out components.

    But it's far from certain what exactly the problem could be unless you have another mobo you could use to test each individual component. So far, you've described potential problems that could be affecting any one of the RAM, CPU, mobo and video card.
  5. Did you do what I suggested? Your error message doesn't clearly identify a single issue and the thread I linked for you basically said everything capt_taco posted.

    Once you have done everything I suggested and it still doesn't work you should try to flash the BIOS if you haven't done that already.
  6. ive done all thats been sugested except testing the components on a different mobo and testing a different gpu on this mobo, nothings changing.the cpu pin that bent looks like it should be connecting just fine. i did notice the gpu fan is skimming the heat sink/case it sits in. why is it the radion 9800 pro cant go in an i7 setup? i thought it was a pci 16? thanks for the help, you guys are definetly making things alot easier.
  7. The 9800 Pro is an AGP, your motherboard is an AGP as well. Unless you did a recent power supply upgrade you will need to upgrade that as well to get a psu that has a 24 pin connector for the motherboard and the pci express 6 pin power connectors often needed for the newer pci express video cards.

    You probably could get this fixed for 40 bucks:

    I'm thinking you should be able to drop this board in place of your old one and boot up with little to no issues. Also they have a 30 day warranty. This isn't my listing, I'm in Georgia just so you know I'm not spamming my ebay items.

    It's not a 100% guarantee this is the only issue but I feel pretty comfortable saying most likely it is...
  8. hey I just completely disassembled everything and took a bottle of dustoff to the components, then put the mobo, cou, and gpu back in, and got it all the way through the post process. i had only put two screws in the mobo to keep it alligned with the stand offs. when i put the rest of the screws in it went back to the post 26 no beep. i think the standoff holes in the case cause the mobo to buckle.

    the fact that my computer did get past the post section does mean all the components are working right? because I cant get it to post again the same way i did last time.
  9. How tight are you tightening the screws? I would back off 1/4 turn on each of them and try to reboot until it boots if you think its warping the board. You can damage it if you overtighten the screws.

    I would think your components are fine if it did boot with the two screws only. It sounds like a motherboard issue to me...
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