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I want to install OSX [Kalyway]on my ASUS M3N78-EM motherboard, it is recommended to install it on AHCI mode otherwise it would not detect. If i try to do it. I does not boot windows operating system.

Is it possible to use a SATA to IDE / USB converter and install that way keeping the SATA mode to normal

Kindly suggest what needs to be done here.
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  1. You didn't mention your OS. If you have XP, the only way to switch from IDE mode to AHCI is to reinstall XP. You will need to use the F6 option during installation to install the AHCI drviers.

    Win 7 has native AHCI drivers, but if you installed it when the bios was in IDE mode, switching to AHCI mode won't work. There is a registry hack to fix this with no need to reinstall the OS.
  2. AHCI option supports only windows vista not XP.
  3. You should be able to install a storage adaptor driver in XP for many manufacturers, enabling AHCI, check your motherboard manufacturer's website
  4. Windows needs a driver to be able to access a system drive.
    If windows was initially installed with a driver for IDE, it will not be able to boot.
    You can resolve the problem by reinstalling windows after changing the bios sata mode to AHCI.
    Windows 7 will have no problem. Some older versions of windows might need to have a driver included in the install process.
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