Suggestions needed please

so my brother took away my 5870gpu my powersupply and cabinet has left me with this

i7 920 processor
Asus Rampage GENE II motherboard
2x2 ddr3 1333 transcend ram

ATI 5870<--- getting new one
23inch full HD ACER monitor <--- getting new one

i need Power supply Suggestions
also what Cabinet should i use
also is Prolimatech Megahalems Heatpipe + 1x push Panaflo 120x38mm Ultra Quiet FBA12G12L1BX Needed????

my current graphic card is 8600 1 gb gt of my older pc
it gives the worst performance in games like dark void,divinity II
i get less than 20 fps
resident evil 5 max fps in game 25

resolution 1240 max for now

i am so frustrated i cant even think i just want others to tell me what i should get to play plays which dont freeze in middle
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  1. get to play..cuz game right now freeze in middle
  2. Well first of all it is a good setup.

    Power supply is important, specially if you plan on over clocking. I Don't think you planing on doing that so 500W will do the trick.
    Basic things you need to know about PSU.
    Recommended Energy-Efficien 80+ PSU
    Make sure it silent, and the cables are long. If you have the budget, get PSU with modular cables. You can find model of PSU you need and read reviews on site: . I can recommend a model if you will tell me your budged.
    The two other things are case and heat sink if i am not mistaking.
    Heat think, you can take a look at new toms article:,2535.html
    For case recommendation, you will have to tell me your budget, and some guide lines.
  3. money is not a issue
    i got alot in my savings
  4. yes i have no plans of over clocking
  5. you have Micro ATX Main board, so i guess you want small case?
  6. the GPU 5870 needs a big case
  7. so hows Corsair TX750W 750W ?? or should i go for less
  8. you cant get wrong with this one :) but you can go for less.....
  9. i currently have a coolermaster 650W which is in the service center for repairs
    was planning to sell it peple say its not good
  10. Here is a good cheap power supply:

    When you are looking for a power supply I would suggest against a modular because each connection makes more resistance and decreases efficiency. They also cost a lot more. Many people buy them so that they have fewer wires in their case to try to increase air flow, but if you manage your wires correctly you don’t have to worry about it.

    As far as a case it is hard to say. Case is more about your style. There are so many cases that have good airflow and look fine. If you list a few that you like the look of we can help you narrow your options.
  11. Suggest me a Cabinet
    i just have 1 in mind Ausu Vento
  12. Antec nine hundred and twelve hundred are good cases.
  13. also the PSU u recomended is what i am getting
  14. i love the looks
  15. Personally I like black cases and use fans to bring I color.
  16. thanks alot i got what i wanted.
    Gonna try for cooler master HAF or Antec 1200 lets see which is available

    for PSU corsair 650w
  17. waist of money mate, and you have micro ATX board, it will look ridiculous.
    This one chip, with perfect layout, grate air flow and it looks good.
    You can spend the spare cash on other parts.
  18. arkadi said:
    waist of money mate, and you have micro ATX board, it will look ridiculous.
    This one chip, with perfect layout, grate air flow and it looks good.
    You can spend the spare cash on other parts.

    I pretty much through the same case out there and he didn’t want it. He also said cost is irrelevant.
  19. i have this power supply and i am getting this case too...

    the power supply is the best deal your gonna get this year because its on sale for the price of a 550w psu. if your not sure, go look at the prices of the other northQ power supplies :sol:

    the case is a full tower ATX but you will need to buy another 120MM fan for the back. you can fit 11" cards in here too :D
  20. It is the same i know. and it well worth the price....I have my rig based on it.
    If money is not important he better use it 4 other things in his build.
    Second GPU, storage, Cooler, cool keyboard etc.....
  21. i got G5 keyboard
    max 518 mouse
    goliathus speed oversized

    when i look @ forums of 5970 they say the GPU is big u need a big cabinet
    so i am confused as to how BIG.

    so i chose HAF coolermaster as 1 of my mates has it and hes a big time over clocker
  22. Good choice, this case got the perfect layout if you ask me :)
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