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Hi, I am trying to figure out if my computer is compatible with the EVGA GeForce 9500 GT Video Card but the thing is im not that great with all the computer tech and stuff so when i look things up on google its all these things that i have no clue what they are talking about. So if possible could someone walk me through the necessary steps to check if my computer is compatible?
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  1. download this to your pc
  2. ok i downloaded it what do you need from it?
  3. in mainboard what does it say in graphics interface?
  4. there is no graphic interface this is what it gives me under mainboard...

    Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
    Model: 0968h
    Chipset: Intel i915P/i915G rev. B1
    Southbridge: Intel 82801FB (ICH6)
  5. you on a laptop? then you stuck with it cuz laptop graphics cards cant be changed cept in the very expensive ones
  6. nope im on a PC
  7. Well, the Model # 0968h seems to point to the HP Desktop dc7100. The problem is, there are three versions of that system:

    1) Ultra-Slim - Has one available full height PCI slot
    2) Small Form Factor - Has one available low-profile PCI-Ex16 slot
    3) Convertible Mini-Tower - Has one available full height PCI-Ex16 slot

    The question is, which do you have?

    Take a look at these system images and see if you can tell us which one (if any) you have.

    -Wolf sends
  8. Hi,
    I have the mini tower version of that pc and am looking to upgrade the graphics card. what would you recommend?
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