Why does my amd athlon 7750 downclock at a certain temp

my amd athlon 7750 be is running happily overclocked at 3.2ghz bus speed 200 mhz ht link 1800mhz but when stress testing the temp goes up and when it hits 55*c or above it downclocks it to around 1397ghz til the temp drops to about 49*c which is bugging me slightly can i stop it doing this because i feel 55*c is'nt a high temp and i'm using a coolit eco alc at mo but when i had an artic freezer pro 7 as my cpu cooler it would hit 61 or higher before downclocking just don't understand why its doing this and i'm pretty new to overclocking any help would be gratefully received thanks
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  1. It's very likely a safety feature to avoid overheat. You can probably disable it on the BIOS
  2. Have you disabled Cool'n'Quiet in the BIOS?
  3. yes i have disabled it in the bios i have now changed the cpu to a phenom II 965 and it does exactly the same i cannot see any settings to disable the safety feature but its annoying when stress testing normal use it on gets up to mid 50s and its overclocked to 4ghz
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