AMD running hot and unstable

AMD Phenom II X4 945 Deneb 3.0GHz Socket AM3 95W

I upgraded to this CPU from the Phenom II 2.6GHz Socket AM2+ 125W

Well since then my computer has become unstable and runs to hot.
Replaced the CPU with a replacement and still the same trouble.
I put the old CPU back in and now that runs like the new one dose.

Put the AMD Phenom II X4 945 Deneb 3.0GHz back in and replaced the CPU fan with an ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7. Temps drops still runs at 44c on idle and becomes unstable when I game. I have to play with the case opened to run stable.

Flashed the BIOS and started with min factory default settings.
I have all the settings on auto and no change.

Wondering if maybe one of my auto setting is off making me run unstable. I attached a screen shot of AMD overdrive. Maybe something is off making me run unstable in BOIS. If you pros don't know I think I will need a new MOBO.

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  1. I dont see anything wrong with your overdrive figures first glance. Anyway, Overdrive only keeps the settings at boot up if you make it do that.

    It sounds more like you haven't attached the heatsink properly. Using thermal paste etc?

    Also 44C isn't awful at idle, depending on where you live and what your case is like. Do you have a space for a side fan mounting on your case? If so, stick a fan on there and you can really reduce system temperatures.

    Other than that I'm not really sure.
  2. 44c doesn't tell much. what is the room temp where the pc sits? 44 wouldnt be to my liking and would probably tear the heatsink off carefully and examine the thermal paste to see signs of poor contact.
  3. hey i jsut think that that AMD program looks pretty cool and acurate
  4. My money is on the thermal compound not being applied correctly considering the old chip heats up just like the new chip now. Did you thoroughly clean the heat sink and chip before you applied a small amount of new thermal compound?
  5. I'd say either you didn't clean it properly, Something is preventing cooler air getting to your CPU cooler, or your CPU cooler is defective. 44C is a little high of idle, but as long as your load temps stay under 60C you're o.k.. If they are going over 60C especially if it's not overclocked, then yeah, that's not good :D.
  6. Enabling Cool'n'Quiet (if it's not already) will help the idle temps. But If it's only OK when the case is open it would suggest insufficient ventilation within the case. What case do you have and how many fans?
  7. I agree. Sounds like incorrectly applied thermal compound.
  8. Hello Thanks for the replies.

    I have redone the thermal paste every time I put a CPU back in by cleaning it off the cpu and the heatsink with alcohol then putting it back on.
    I am running the ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 with Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound at this point.

    The case is a full tower with 3 extra fans. The bottom front draws air in. The PSU and the 2 in the back top blow air out.

    House is about 69f - 70f

    Never had heat trouble till the CPU change.

    At this point the only conclusion I can draw since you all think overdrive looks right is that something must be wrong on my board?
    What do you think?
  9. Did you examine the surfaces of the CPU and heatsink when you took it apart? Just trying ti rule out an uneven surface causing your thermal issues.
  10. Hi Roofus, Thanks for your help.
    No sure what to look for, it all looked clean and smooth. tried 3 differant CPUs and heatsinks.
    The 1st was the upgrade I sent back to newegg the 2nd was the replacement and the 3rd being the original Pheno AM2+ 2.6 I put back and that was then running hot and unstable.

    Wait 4 heatsinks being the Arctic cooler.
    Not sure what changed since the upgrade.
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