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I'm building a liquid cooled system but I used primochill collant. Right now the coolant appears clear but in the bottle its blue... If it is clear now will it still clog my parts? I'm cooling my CPU and GPU... I just need to know if my system will clog if its clear... ITS uv dye so its supposed to react to light but will it still affect my system... I am using a swiftech pump rad and res.... Please Help!
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  1. You should be fine - just make sure the UV reactive dye works or... just how would you RMA coolant?
    It shouldn't clog anything as long as it flows well - didn't pour like syrup did it - if not, you're good to go
  2. Thanks man! Works exactly like you said
  3. coolants are not a good buy, and an even worse purchase is coolant that has a dye/dye bomb.

    It shouldn't clog anything as long as it flows well
    mentioned in the watercoolingsticky

    the dye will break down and eventually kill your loop as it'll gunk up in the restrictive area of your loop.

    * welcome to the forums newcomer!
    ** get distilled and a kill coil. Besides, nothing beats the heat dissipation of water in your loop.
  4. personally I use anti freeze with a wetter water additive, then flush the system once a year. I don't see any real difference in temps, but the wetter water prevents cerotic corrosion. with will destroy the blocks in time, over two years of not flushing the unit would be necessary for this to occur. so don't push your luck on this point. also with just water I had issues with mold growing in the system if left alone for more than 6 months.
  5. Not a dye bomb... Premixed....
  6. Its clear at the momeent and we poured it in through a filter so nothing big floated in
  7. it's not going to be a problem today, it will become a problem in a year or so. if you don't flush your system at least every 6 months for the first couple of years to get that stuff out of i.t yea it looks cool, but anti freeze looks cool under that kind of lighting to, or painting your stuff with a coat of glow paint gives off a nice effect as well
  8. When I first dump the liquid I will switch to distilled water with a. Kill coil
  9. The main issue coolants/premixes encounter is that they can precipitate out of the solution when exposed to high loads and sustained periods of time. This isn't to say that there aren't plenty of offenders for normal uses and FeserOne has been one of the most common problem coolants. Dyes can even particulate out, depending on what they are actually made of...some use powdered dye in their mixes, some do not. However, dyes are usually less of an issue in this than coolants as coolants often contain more in the solution than just the color additives.

    I'm not saying that all coolants will do this, but there is a possibility that they could- so use at your own discretion. Most people use distilled water as it's simple, clean and performs the best.
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