Problem with nvidia 8800 gts gigabyte

Hi, yesterday i was playin wow normally when suddenly the colors of the game turn into something like if i had an ega card, and the computer lock down. I reseted the computer and now, some blue vertical lines appear on the screen and windows does not log on. I thought it was some kind of virus or trojan and i formatted my computer but things are like before, with the blue lines...i uploaded a video to youtube so you can se better what im saying.

whats the matter with the card ?:(
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  1. I would try another monitor just to make sure that isn't it, along with a different video cable. But if the problem follows the PC, it's most likely the video card. Sounds like maybe you lost some video memory or something. You can try and put this card in another PC and if the problem follows it you know what it is. You even see it during the POST.
  2. i think rma the 8800gts would be good,but it could also be like the monitor or monitor's cable like jay said
  3. Ill try the monitor's cable to see but...why happens only when i load the drivers, have you seen the video i upoladed to youtube? Those strange lines appears algo when the bios loads, and in the loading scren also, and the computers lock down que the desktop is loading...
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