Corrupt cmos help! (can't save bios settings)

The other day I upgraded my heat sink to the hyper 212 plus from an old stock CPU cooler. When I put everything back together, I couldn't get the system to post until I cleared the cmos. After I did that, I got an error having 2 gigs ram so I only put in one stick. Every time I shut down the computer I have to clear the cmos (LED stays blank on MB) before it will post again. When the computer does post, I get a corrupt cmos checksum error (loading defaults). I cannot change any settings in the bios.

Initial thoughts - Maybe I shorted something out with the big hex nuts on the CPU cooler. So I reinstalled the hex screws making sure it wasn't in contact with the circuits on the MB.

Next I thought maybe the battery on the MB was dead. I checked in the BIOs for +Vbat it said 3.06 volts.

I booted into windows 7. I don't think it's my power supply because everything else is working fine.

My Specs

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1,build 7600)

System Manufacture: Foxconn

System Model: C51XEM2AA-8EKRS2H

BIOS: )Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS V6.00PG

Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ (2 CPU), ~2.0Ghz

Memory: 2X Corshair xms2 DDR2 800 1024MB 5-5-5-18

Power Supply: SilverStone Strider 600W

Videocard: EVGA GTX 260 896MB 448-bit GDDR3

Sound card: Creative X-FI xtreme music
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  1. You should clear out the bios, here is how you do it. First remove power, then remove motherboard battery, then press power to remove any residual power. Plug everything back in and see if you can get a proper post. :)
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