ATI 5850

As of 11/18 2:00pm est newegg seems to have some 5850 in stock

SAPPHIRE 100282SR Radeon HD 5850 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card w/ATI Eyefinity - Retail

Just got 1 of those today
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  1. Awesome congrats its a great card. I have 2 runing in crossfire and it is just doing great!
  2. Yeah, I see it popped up quite a bit last couple of days. I already got one when it first came out but don't mind getting another one for crossfire. I will just wait til next yr hopefully the price will drop around $200.
  3. I was finally able to get one myself. I'll get it on friday and spend the day putting the rest of my build together!
  4. Both XFX & Sapphire are available now on Newegg. Looks like the card finally got uncorked.
  5. The XFX is $310, almost makes you want a 5870 doesn't it?
  6. almost, but not really.
  7. I got one hour or so ago at newegg the XFX one (sapphire model was sold out). My opinion is it's pretty shady the price got jacked up. They where $259-$269 when they first came out and since they went like hot cakes the prices jumped to $299 when out of stock and now $310 back in stock? Also look at the 5870 those went up from $399 to $409 also.

    Ahh that's America supply/demand I guess i'm not gonna cry over $10 just hope the card is all the awesomeness that everyone says it is! (should be since i have a 8600GTS now!)
  8. The part that sucks is I always thought newegg was a pretty competitive company but lately it seems it does jack it's prices up a bit. still had the XFX card for $266 as of yesterday. Thats the price of my CPU cooler.
  9. Wasn't the 5850 price increase official? For the others the are just being intelligent (as they know every last one will sell) and $10-$20 on a $300+ is a long way from price gouging.
  10. here's my solution to price gouging *don't buy it until they stop price gouging* (but as stated, 10-20 bucks vs 300 really isn't bad) I'm waiting until they come down in price. Either that, or I'm going to get a gtx260 when they drop to $100. Then again, I'm not one that HAS to have the eye candy turned all of the way up, but I do want some.
  11. supply and demand rules. If you want it so bad now, you have to pay the premium price. As soon as everyone stops buying the 5850 at 300+, the price will drop.

    And to be honest, which fool would sell a product for 200 if people are willing to pay 300 for it too and it's not even ripping them off compared to the other products. It's all about what others think your card is worth.

    When everyone who can't live without one have one, the prices will settle and I will buy mine between the 100-200 mark. No point in spending more.
  12. amazon jumped their price on the xfx 5850 from $266 to $309. I added it to the cart even though it was out of stock and got a message to be aware the price had changed from $266.02 since I orignally added it to the cart. Yawn..... I'll let everyone else get theirs until it goes back down. Try a local shop maybe you can pick one up for $300 no shipping
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