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hi guys i realise im new to posting in this forum, but this is the first place i come whenever i have a problem with my comp (which is quite a lot) so i thought u guys would b the best ppl 2 ask. i bought a graphics card the other day its a geforce fx5900xt... yea i kno its not the best card but i only bought so i could play 2 games (sims 3 and fifa 10) that and the fact it was a bargain :p but whenever i play, my graphics go mental and after about 10 mins my screen goes black and it crashes forcing my pc 2 shut down, this is every game i play, my feelin is my power supply isnt up 2 it but im really not 100% and any advise would be massively appreciated
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  1. If its a used card, it could be damaged, could be heat issues, or your PSU. Open the case up and try blowing a fan on it, see if that changes anything.
  2. What operating system are you on? That's a pretty old card so you'll need to make sure you have the legacy drivers from nvidia's website (but the most up to date). The version I'm seeing after a search is

    175.19 WHQL

    Release Date:

    Operating System:
    Windows XP
  3. im on windows xp, and yea mate i downloaded it earlier this morning (tbh thts when the problems started)
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