Which water cooling system should I buy?

I am thinking about upgrading to water cooling. I have an AMD 8150 CPU, and I have a Thermaltake Armour + case. I am looking at the XSPC 750 RS240, and the CORSAIR H100. Which is better for my system? Any other suggestions are appreciated.
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  1. The XSPC unit should do nicely with room to grow - the corsair is limited in that unless you're willing to void your warranty, it's a CPU cooler only.
    One thing about all-in-one units (which do work quite well by the way) I have found, is that they take a lot of the worry out of water cooling (factory's fault if something goes wrong, no personal failure - could save your ego) but I've found I want to do more with my cooling than it would do... so I say, "Take the expandability - you won't outgrow it"
  2. The Rs is not the best from XSpc, if you have room go for the RX240, if not then the EX series but the Rs is the lowest performing XSpc rad series,
    I would recommend the Xspc kit over the H100 as well but mainly because I own one (RX240) and can attest to the adaptability of the kit.
  3. I started with the swiftech q-power system the case is large, with allows for lots of growth. but they don't sell this anymore, so the systems that I have built recently, I used the cube case lots and lots of room for stuff never felt cramped. so I prefer the swiftech starter systems today, than add what I like to it EX: Northbridge swiftech block, Southbridge block koolance, motherboard block pulled of a asus board and applied to another jest the part that goes next to the processor, some modifying required. koolance hdd blocks and bits power ram block, black ice for the second rad., plus a bits power reservoir the video block is a EK block I don't really like the construction but I haven't had any problems out of it. but like I said I prefer swiftech blocks if they had one for my card I would have bought it. so you see that trying to stay with one company can be difficult to do, so I stopped trying pretty quick.
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