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My desktop has an eVGA nForce 780i motherboard, Intel Q6600 processor, Cooler Master Power Pro (750w), with nVidia GeForce 8800GT and eVGA 512 GeForce 9500 GT video cards driving a 22"W monitor (1680x1050) and two 19" monitors (1280x1024). Both are 512MB devices.

I DO NOT do games, but like snappy graphics performance.

Am planning to upgrade from Win XP/Pro (32-bit) to Win 7/Pro (64-bit). Apparently there is no support with my two devices for 64-bit Win-7; would a pair of GeForce GT 240's meet my needs? Any other suggestions? Naturally, I'm trying to keep the cost down, and I know I need to buy two of these ...

For what it is worth, the eVGA website says "The EVGA 780i is ESA (Enthusiast System Architecture) certified which provides the best monitoring and fine tuning of your PC ... When using this platform with an EVGA PCIe 2.0 graphics card; double the bandwidth is achieved. With up to 16GB/s of bandwidth and advanced power management features, PCIe 2.0 is the ultimate interface for enthusiasts ... PCIe 2.0 is entirely backwards compatible, meaning a PCIe 2.0 card or motherboard will work with any PCIe device and visa versa." I'm no hardware expert, but I hope this means I can get a couple of decent performing cards for not a lot of money!
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  1. Check to Nvidia site, according to them the 191.07 drivers support both of your cards under Windows 7 64 bit!

    If not, then the dual GT240 setup sounds ok-low power draw and plenty of performance for a non gamer.
    Of course you could always get a single HD5XXX cad and use the Eyefinity to drive all three;)
  2. ^
    Yeah I thought only support for DX9 graphics cards was being dropped for Windows 7
  3. You really don't need to upgrade if you don't do any gaming. An 8800 is WAY overkill if you don't game.

    What do you mean that there is no support for those devices in Windows 7 x64? I've used both the 8800 and 9500 on a 750i board and everything worked fine and nVidia had all the drivers necessary for all of them.

    Windows doesn't rely on the GPU for doing too much, unless you're watching an HD movie or using the latest Photoshop CS4 (pretty much limited to zooming though). Even basic (newer) onboard has plenty of "horsepower" for Aero with all the nifty effects.
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