AGP and Windows 7? Can you help me find a card?

I upgraded to windows 7 and my old card does not have compatible drivers for Windows 7. The image is fine on the monitor, but I need to get the dual display (s-video) to work so I can connect it to my TV. I'm not doing any gaming on it, just using Media Center. Can anyone recommend a fanless, AGP, s-video out, Win 7 compatible card?
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  1. In order for us to answer this effectively you will need to post your full system specs.

    At the high end of your options is a 4650. ($85)

    At the low end is a nvidia 6200. ($30)

    However I cant promise that anything will work without your system specs, monitor cable type, etc. With an older AGP computer its more about finding the most powerful card that your computer can fully leverage, as opposed to finding the best card for windows 7.
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