Which Laptop is for me? 1 or 2 Thanks in Advance!

Looking at 2 different Laptops

1) Toshiba $899 i7-720QM CPU & GeForce 310M GPU Link =

2) Gateway $799 i5-430M CPU & ATI Radeon® HD 5650 Graphics Link =

Both fall in my price range <$900

This is for my wife and she will use it as follows:
85% Facebook, email, internet
10% Adobe Photoshop Elements 8
5% Roxio Creator 2010 (for slideshow creations and possibly some video editing for a yet to be purchased video camera?)

From my research it appears that that the i5 (dual core) maybe better for the Facebook, internet stuff because it has a higher base frequency. Although the i7 also has Turbo Boost it has a smaller base frequency and from what I read it really hampers light tasks such as internet / email? It also appears that a quad core (i7) is probably better for video editing. I also have a desktop that has Intel Q9450 CPU and GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB which she could use for video editing if it actually makes a huge difference that a quad core is necessary.

Other info - battery doesn't make a difference, she will probably have this for 5 years or so.

Q1) Which laptop is better for her use 1 or 2 or something else?
Q2) more of a side question - how do these discrete graphics cards compare to the integrated HD offerings from Intel for the core i3, i5 and i7. Are they really THAT MUCH better? I know she really wont use the GPU much but I am assuming that it will help the overall performance of the laptop.

Thanks in advance and I'll let the experts jump in.
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  1. Anything past integrated will not improve everyday performance.
  2. enzo matrix said:
    Anything past integrated will not improve everyday performance.

    So you're saying I don't need a discrete graphics card? That surprised me because I thought Integrated reduced the total RAM available.
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    enzo matrix said:
    Anything past integrated will not improve everyday performance.

    this man does not know what he is talking about, go with the i5 system with the 5650, better gpu and good performance for the price plus at least it will give you the abilty to do whatever you want whether it is gaming or just regular everyday use....dedicated grapjics card also leave more memory for the OS to use since the graphics will have their own separate memory module to work with thus even for everyday use dedicated gpu is better than integrated.
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  5. thanks
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