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quick note, This isn't a rant, simply a list of what is happening.

Wondering about the quality of BFG's replacement cards for Warranty service.

in 2007 i bought a BFG 8800GT. A little over a month ago the card died, which was fine, the card had quite a bit of use on it. So i dig up my papers and i find the card is under warranty.

So i gave BFG a call and got the standard RMA process underway. i suppose things went as normal. I sent them my 8800GT, they sent me back a 9800GT about a week and a half later from time of sending mine out.

The card i got back was physically damage. the metal cover on the card was bent to hell so much so that the fan wouldn't spin. So i bent it back a little and got it off of the fan and it turns out that the card ran ok but had a very short life of just a few days.

So i call up BFG, told them they sent me a butchered card and they said ok, we'll setup an Advanced RMA. They send me a new card then i send them my old one after the new card reaches me. I still had to pay shipping back to them on the card.

The new card that i got from the Advanced RMA had no signal to the second monitor output. I noticed this right away because i use two monitors. The card's temps were too low for a 9800GT as well. 2D desktop temps in and around 39c. 3D Temps (CoD or Dragon Age) were around 57 to 60. These temps are too low for a 9800GT or any that i'v ever seen with a stock cooler. So, needless to say i called BFG Tech the same day that the card reached me to tell them what was going on with it. 3 days later, this card died. stopped working all together. i noticed that it stopped rendering randomly while playing Dragon Age and i'd have to control alt delete and reenter the game to make it render the scene again.

This time, BFG says they'll Advanced RMA it to em and they'll pay shipping both ways. i though, ok What choice do i have. So, 7 days later after my RMA call, the card hasn't even been shipped out yet. I have no tracking number on it so i gave their support a call. He says that they have it in stock, there is no hold on the product that would prevent it from shipping.

The other replacements that were broken that they sent me took 1 to 2 days tops to ship. This card is taking 7 days and it hasn't even left their loading dock yet.

I took a EVGA 9800GT from my other computer to use during this time. Everything is running perfectly with no problems aside from the fact that i can't use my other computer. My question is. Is this the type of service i can continue to expect from BFG? i'm down a computer for over a month. The support people just play dumb when i call and ask them what is going on.
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  1. Very sad to hear. I will say that I rma'd a BFG card ONCE. it was just overheating/artifacting. They sent me back a working card. Simple process, but yes, I too had to pay shipping.
  2. Did you make sure the replacement cards were factory sealed? BFG tends to send out used dud's every now n then. I have been using BFG cards for many years and only had one issue. I had a sour experience with them about 2 years ago when I had purchased a 9800GTX (1GB) and the box contained the (512MB) version. Called them up and had them pay for the shipping both ways.

    Next time you recieve a card from them make sure it's a NEW card, meaning you should see a yellow seal on the anti-static bag. If the seal is missing call them up and talk to a manager.
  3. Not the same company but I've heard stories about RMA replacements. I was "told" by a guy in the industry that alot of these companies check returns and if they aren't broken during their tests, they go back on the pile to be shipped out as RMA replacements. Sometimes they even take several different items to make a good item to send out.

    I had an experience with View Sonic YEARS ago. I bought a 17" lcd and it had several stuck pixels. The newegg return policy was like 10 pixels, so I called viewsonic. The guy made me count them and therei were 6. He said there has to be 7. So I called back the next day and played COMPLETELY stupid. She never asked how many and siad there was an advanced replacement. Got the new one boxed it up the bad one to send back, and found the replacement had about 3 stuck pixels and the stand was cracked and broken and wobbled to no end. So I called them back. I was actually sick and couldn't talk much and the girl on the phone felt so bad for me she said "no no I don't want you to talk much, I'll send you another replacement and return label." So I sent the one back and kept the one until I received a replacement. This time the monitor has like 3 stuck pixels but not really in a noticable spot. I figured I wasn't going to get much better than this. So i sent back the 3rd monitor and just settled for the one I got. LOW AND BEHOLD, about a week later this replacement shows up at my door. ANOTHER monitor, not even to replace one. Just out of the blue. So I hung onto it for a few weeks thinking they would send an email or letter or something. Nothing. A month passed, then two. I let my buddy borrow it for a while and ended up selling it to his dad for $100 but said if they wanted it back I'd give him the money back and have to send it. That was about........4 years ago. haha. FUnny story with juggling RMA's. Needless to say I don't buy viewsonic again.
  4. WoW^^ they made you count the pixels.... lol..

    Anyways the best way to get flawless service is to call CS and ask for a manager. If the product is under warranty they should send you a brand new unit regardless of the situation. Some companies just try to stiff the customer with a product that was already returned by someone else. Some don't even realize it unless they look closely at the product. I have had my shares of RMA's and now I can pinpoint a used item in 2 seconds FLAT!!!
  5. ^Yeah I should have lied. haha.
  6. One of the times i was on the phone with BFG they did say that they ship out refurbished parts and that makes a lot of sense. But the quality of service i'm seeing from them is just ass so far.

    whatever the case, they're striking out on getting me a card that works.

    Is there a GPU manufacture that doesn't ship refurbs for the RMA process?
  7. ^
    Probably not, unless it is a NEW model that doesn't have refurbs available. However, if its a GOOD company, their QA department should comb through and make sure they are properly refurbed cards and working as new or better.
  8. I prefer BFG cards also. Only had one issue years ago when I purchased a 6600 GT that was DoA and they promptly replaced and it worked like a charm after that. In fact I am planning on checking Black Friday sales looking for another BFG upgrade.

    It seems like newegg is low on their video cards and I am wondering if maybe they have cut back production of the old models in anticipation of some iminent announcement of new models. And about a month ago Frys had a sale on the BFG GTS 250s for only $80.
  9. aAfter a long ass time and a few broken cards, they sent me a GTS 250 1gb OC that appeared to be new.

    So i'm a bit ahead in the long run.
  10. nice!
  11. Kandar said:
    aAfter a long ass time and a few broken cards, they sent me a GTS 250 1gb OC that appeared to be new.

    So i'm a bit ahead in the long run.

    Well that's good to hear they took care of you.
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