Buzzing cpu again???

i just change from a cosaw 550w to a ocz fatality 500w because of the buzzing. but hell it still buzz. but this time i notic it buzz after i conected my hd 5770 but not before(i think) could it be my gpu the one making the noise? but ebuyer say the corsaw is found to be faulty and refunded me... wth? geez anyone know what the problem is?
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  1. It could be the video card fan. The video card fans can generate a lot of noise.

    I have an XFX HD Radeon 4770 in my system. When the video card fan operates at maximum rpm I can definitely hear it. It is the loudest fan in my system. When I use the ATI CCC utility to reduce rpm to 50% I can't hear the fan anymore.
  2. Try vsync on.
  3. is not the fan noise. more llike high pitch ringing.

    how do u turn vsync on?and why? the buzzing/ringing is on even when i not gaming
  4. The vsync can be activated in the control panel in this case the Catalyst, the noise is due to the high frame rate of a GPU, enable vsync limits the framerate to 60fps causing less heat to the GPU also.
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