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This evening I will be purchasing a SSD. I will be installing Windows 7 OS on it as well as all my commonly used programs. I have a 500 GB HDD that I will use for data use. I'm looking to spend around $200 and prefer to use TigerDirect. What would you recommend? The front runner for me at the moment is the Crucial m4. Some others that I have in mind include:

Patriot Pyro 120 GB
OCZ Vertex 3 120 GB
Samsung 830 - When is this suppose to be released?

The majority of use on this drive will be Windows OS and Rift MMO. Also what tuning should I do to the drive before I install Windows? I had read that a few tuneups are highly recommended for Crucial m4 such as firmware updates.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Currently the M4 is very popular and relatively trouble free. There was one issue. Crucial issued a formware update that fixed it and actually improved performance. Here is a link to an updated review at AnandTech:

    The firmware update was issued two months ago so there is a possibility that you could wind up with an M4 with up to date firmware. Best to check though.

    The SandForce based ssd's have had more than their fair share of problems

    The Samsung 830 series is already in production. The new ssd should be released in a few weeks.
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