Upgrading my mobo to Athlon 64?

I am having this issue with my mobo and the capacitor is blown. 1 is obvious and 3 more that are bulging. i checked the prices and they go $10 and up per each! that's because no one manufactures them no more and they are hard to get I guess. that would be $40 to get them and that's not to mention the equipment I'd have to buy to sodder them in/old out.

So i was thinking of upgrading my Mobo. I purchased a really good video card and PSU and won't see the card's full potential unless I upgrade my mobo/speed. I am a gamer. mainly play WoW

Would I have to upgrade my Ram as well or will PC3200 fit?

Will my AGP card fit or 64 is for PCI slots only?

Will my PSU support the 64/cpu setup- it is 400W?

How much would this all cost?

should i just buy Athlon XP mobo instead?

What do you guys think?

My spec:

ASUSTek Computer INC Mobo (A7N8X Deluxe)
AMD Athlon XP: Thoroughbred, Socket A 2700+
2 gig of RAM (Corsair) and 1 Corsair XML but they don't work together (voltage differences)
GeForce 7600GS 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card
PLANET WL-8310 Wireless Card
200G Seagate (Master)
500GB Wester Digitital SATA
LG DVD Writer
WinFast TV2000 XP Expert WDM TVTuner
4 Fans - 3 regular, 1 92mm
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  1. I've done business with 3b tech, a usa vender listed on pricewatch. They have some socket a boards, but they may be a different chipset. If you don't find a cost effective solution that's convenient for you, I would start over and sell your pc 3200 memory and go with a ddr2 or ddr3 setup. Ddr3 has gone past ddr2 in price but will serve you better in the long run. And it's getting harder to find a new ddr board for amd; most are used and refurbished. All the manufacturer's ran out of them awhile back.
  2. If you have any soldering skill, you can try to fin defective motherboard and salvage capacitors on them. A local shop may have a few of them

    I did that on few old motherboard and they all work as of today.
  3. Just save up the $300 to have a comp that will kill you old one in every way...
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