Help me understand which fan to use?

My HTPC case SilverStone CW02 uses two types of fans, 120mm fans as the exhaust, and 92mm fans for HDD cooling.
I would like to replace them with better ones.

While reading around, i am getting confused with various jargons, that sounds greek to me.
Intake fans, push, pull, pwn, exhaust.. etc etc.

After a few hours of understanding, i am guessing that a Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm will be a good choice for the rear exhaust. Is it true??

However I am a little bit confused for 92mm fans for HDD cooling, I would like to have some quite but powerful fans that directly blow air on the hard disks for cooling. Not sure which one to get. I guess Silverstone Air Penetrator's are good for this, but they dont come in 92mm size.
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  1. There is a link to the fan roundup in the sticky at the top of each section,
    typhoons are a popular choice so feel free to use them,
    and you don't actually need fans on Hdd's,
    they don't get that hot normally
    the numbers you need to look at are
    CFM, the higher number means it moves more air,
    DB, lower numbers means quieter,
    RPM, higher numbers mean it moves faster
    you should be aware that faster speeds mean louder, but more air moved so its a balancing act of what noise is acceptable to you
    ignore intake/exhaust as you can turn fans around to switch between the two to suit,
    pwm means pulse width modulation, it allows a 4pin socket on the motherboard to monitor and regulate the fans speed
  2. THanks for your reponse Motopsychojdn
    The main reason i would like to add fans to the HDD's is because, the case itself is not well ventilated, HTPC's are notoriously infamous for that.
    Now cos there is two fan grills around the HDD cages, i would like to make full use of it, by blowing as much as air i can into the case, and having the hot air sucked out through the 120mm exhaust that is on the top of the HTPC case, that i have modded.

    Hence for the HDD please recommend a 92mm fan that can blow tons of air into the case, with minimal sound.
    I know the SilverStone Air Penetrator can blow good amount of air directly over the components, but they dont come in 92mm size.
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