HD4870 Getting VPU recovery + Diagnostics LED lighting up.

Bit of backstory first.

Got a Powercolor HD-4870 512MB a little more then a year ago. It worked fine until a couple of months ago, when it started to crash (black screen, no sound or sound looping but the computer still on) and I got the D601 LED lit up. The temps were all fine what I could see but the fan revved up to 100% (thats what it sounded like atleast) right before the crash.

I then switched PSU to a stronger one because I wasn't sure if I was getting enough power.

The D601 LED indicates a Critical core powerfault according to AMDs official forum.

So I sent it back to the store. They didn't find any problems and sent it back. I tested it, it worked fine but 2 days later I got the same problem.
So I sent it back again. This time they found that the card was broken and sent me a new one, this one.

Note: While the card was away I was using a Geforce 7900GS and it worked without any problems.

Yesterday I got the card, installed it played some dragon age. It worked fine no problems at all.
Today however I was chatting with a couple of friends and my friend told me about some game made with the UDK.

So I tried it out, and about a minute in I got a BSOD, I didn't take a picture of it, but it was something about an endless loop.

Another thing happened the D601 LED lit up again.

I ran 3d mark while checking the temps. It ran for about a minute and a half before I got a VPU recovery error (Basically that is the error for when the gpu isn't responding to the driver)
The temps seemed normal. Though the VDDC current went up to around 80 amps (not sure if that is normal)

I have no idea what it might be, so maybe some of the computer experts on here might know what to do.

CPU: Intel E6850 @ 3.0ghz
RAM: 2gb (Corsair I think) 1066Mhz
GPU: Powercolor - HD4870 512MB Catalyst 9.11
PSU: Corsair HX 750W PSU
Windows XP sp3 32bit.

What I have tried so far:

Reinstalling the drivers.

Deleting every trace of the drivers and reinstalling them.

Reverting to older versions of the drivers.

Checking the 6-pin connectors on the GPU.

Re seating the GPU.

That is about it.

I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.
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  1. something is either wrong with the gpu or the psu feeding too much power into the 6 pin plug
  2. Then I should have these options.

    1. RMA this gpu aswell and try to convince the store that this one is broken aswell.

    2. Do something about the PSU, though I doubt that it is the PSU seeing as my other GPU works fine.

    Is it possible that it might be a motherboard issue? Still that doesn't explain why my other GPU works...
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