Free sound driver for windows xp no registration required

Need sound card for windows XP
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  1. Norma said:
    Need sound card for windows XP

    Go to your Computer's MFG Site and download for your computer model and OS.
  2. Do you know what sound card U have?

    If U bought the PC as it is, just go to the site of your PC manufacturer, type the PC model in the search box and get the sound card driver.
    If it's a parts-build PC then find out your sound card.
    To find out your sound card go to Control panel under Sound and audio devices and check your Audio tab, under Sound playback , the default device (that's your soundcard)
    Or Start>run and type dxdiag and to to sound tab to see your sound card model.

    When U find out, go to your manufacturer site to download the driver.

    Or, just right click My computer, go to properties>hardware>device manager> and under sound and audio double click your sound card and click update driver on the driver tab while letting it search the internet for your driver.


    EDIT: OUPS! to late ...
  3. Norma said:
    Need sound card for windows XP
  4. Norma said:
    Need sound card for windows XP
  5. what's MFG site
  6. Jeevan_54 said:
    what's MFG site

    MFG is short for Manufacturer. For example, a Dell PC would have information at The company that made the machine will, 99 times out of 100, have the drivers available for download.

    Alternatively, a very clever member here posted directions on how to identify any hardware that needs a driver. See the second post here: , from Saga Lout.

    EDIT: Fixed broken link
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