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Asus crosshair IV extreme vs formula

Hey, I just read this, with its' lucid hydra tech to support multi gpu scaling across multiple manufacturers, and yet, I can only find the Formula edition... Are they the same thing? I want the lucid hydra tech for my gpu's, and also, if i were to run the 5850 and 5770 with hydra, what would happen? would the 5850 clock to 5770 speeds, and would it basically be like xfiring 5770's or would the performance boost be greater?
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    The Crosshair IV Formula is the original Crosshair IV board without the Hydra chip. The Crosshair IV Extreme is pretty much a C4F but with Hydra and RoG Connect. About Hydra, it's completely different to CrossFireX. The HD 5850 does not clock down AFAIK, and your HD 5770 becomes like a booster GPU, just to add some FPS but not really CrossFireX. That's why you can run say a GeForce GTS 250 and HD 4850 together, which in some games can provide over 75% boost.
  2. so, would you say that getting the crosshair extreme is a good buy?
  3. Depends, the Crosshair IV Extreme will probably be $100 or around that sum more expensive than the Crosshair IV Formula, mainly because of the Lucid Hydra chip. I'd say it's a good buy if you have an ATi and nVidia card lying around that you want to use together, but otherwise I just think it's not worth it.
  4. ok... i plan to just wait until bulldoze architecture comes out and then get a mobo for that.
  5. wrong information, Crosshair IV Formula HAS ROG connect. the extreme is not out yet, I wish it would have come out at the same time as the formula
  6. What do you mean? the Crosshair IV Formula and Extreme both have RoG connect, while the Crosshair IV Extreme has has the Lucid Hydra chip which supports CFX/SLI and mixing certain ATi and nVidia GPUs together.
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