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I have a AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core 3800, 2bg, 960 mb processor. I need help with locating my video card, cansomeone please help me at finding it. Im trying to replace it, and do it have to be expensive with purchase? also, what kind would fit my needs at allowing it to work? thank oyu guys for your time and effort with my matter.
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  1. Without knowing your motherboard model, we can't help you.

    Your video card will either be the integrated chip on the motherboard or it will be a card in one of your expansion bays at the bottom of the motherboard.

    The reason we need to know your motherboard is because we need to know what kind of expansion bays you have.

    Even if you tell us this, we can't really help you because you are asking what would fit your needs. But you failed to tell us your needs.
    The card will range from $20-$400 depending on your needs.

    So tell us:
    -what you will use the card for (if games, what games?)
    -Motherboard brand and model or your expansion bays
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