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Hey everyone, trying to set up a new computer with a msi p55-gd-65 mobo and 4gigs of gskill ram. the ram is supposed to run at 1600mhz and 7-8-7-24-2N timings i believe. its the F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM sticks. in my mobo however, there are ten settings to change as follows:

im not sure which of those i am supposed to change in order to reach 1600mhz at the specified timings. gskill said this motherboard is supported on their website and i couldnt get ahold of support. any help would be appreciated
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    CL - 7
    tRCD - 8
    tRP - 7
    tRAS - 24
    CR - 2N (CR is normally at the bottom).

    You will also need to set the voltage to 1.65V. In order to get it to run at 1600MHz, you'll need to set the memory multiplier to 10x (I think that's the max on P55 motherboards, it's also called FSB : DRAM ratio which would be 2:10 instead) and overclock it from 133 BCLK to 160 BCLK.
  2. so that means overclocking the cpu as well then? with changing from 133 to 160? trying to learn but still kinda new with the whole overclocking scene
  3. If you want the RAM to run at 1600MHz, that involves overclocking the CPU to 160MHz BCLK. You will also need to set the memory multiplier to 10x, or it is also known as FSB : DRAM ratio, which should be set to 2:10. If you leave it at stock 2:8, you will need to overclock the CPU's BCLK to 200MHz. Make sure you have a decent aftermarket cooler if you intend to push it this far. However, there is very little difference between 1600MHz and 1066MHz in reality.
  4. alright thanks for the info. you mentioned CL through tRAS on the list of options that I had, do i need to change any of the others? or should i just leave em.

    and yeah i bought the hyper 212+ and also pretty much every i3 overclocks very well
  5. Just leave them. The main reason why memory manufacturers do not bother stating the timings specifically is because it's just the first four, because AFAIK in most if not all BIOSes, the memory timings are ordered the same, and occasionally the command rate (CR) which is at the bottom.
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