Is the CPU cooler that comes with 860 better then a coolermater hyper 212

I am looking to see wether i should buy myself a CPU cooler. I have a i7 860 and do not plan on overclocking it. Is there an advantage to have by buying another CPU cooler rather then the one it comes with? iif so by how much and is it wortht the money?
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  1. No if you don't overclock there isn't a reason really to buy a better cooler. Overclocking as actually relatively easy, with a small chance to destroy something if you're careful and well informed.
  2. To answer the subject of your post: No. The stock CPU fan is not better than the cooler master hyper 212+.

    Of course, that doesn't mean you can't use the stock fan. I would add to what XD said, if you're working environment gets warm or hot, or the PC will not be in a well ventilated area and the case does not have good ventilation then you may want to consider an aftermarket HSF.

    With ambient temps around 18C, my i7 860 (stock speed) idles around 25C when using the stock fan and 18C with the Hyper 212+. Under full load 8 thread P95 it reached 80C with the stock fan, 51C with the Hyper 212+. Pushed with IntelBurnTest, using the stock fan it hit 85C while the Hyper 212+ kept it under 53C.
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