Would like some help with OC


I have read about it for quite some time now, and I would like to OC my CPU, Memory and GPU.
And I have absolutely no idea with what to start and what programs should I download to help me
Pentium(R) Dual-core CPU E5300 2.6GHz
3 GB of RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 1GB

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  1. Here's a good start , CPUID HWMonitor and CPUID CPU-Z. these two progams will help monitor temps voltage etc..
  2. Thanks...Umm I think I'm gonna need more than that though
  3. You can do a search on this site, something like"Pentium E5300 overclock" from that read the threads.You will learn a lot and then you can ask specifc questions in the future. "I want to overclock I'm a newb" wont help much.
  4. how do you plan to keep this clocked system cool. sourly you don't believe that air cooling will be sufficient for this endeavor. I'm a design engineer and the air cooling is just barely enough for standard settings. it's not like I like it to be done this way but cost is a huge factor when designing this stuff, sour we could design components that could withstand over clocking but the cost would be a lot higher, and the consumer would never buy at those prices. so instead they are designed with the ability to over clock ,but the consumer must decide the type of cooling solution that fits their needs, or wants. water cooling for slight clocking, phase change for moderate clocking, and liquid nitrogen for extreme clocking . the cost for each stage has a huge difference in price, and ability(knowledge base) requirements to properly maintain them. so the real question at this point is how high do you want to go. I have built them all and I still maintain for my friends and colleges.
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