Overclocking FX-6200 on water

Hey Guys,

I'm currently overclocking my FX-6200 on an Asus Sabertooth 990FX. I have corsair vengence memory running at 1866Mhz and a Sapphire 6870 graphics card all being powered by a Antec 750w bronze rated PSU.

currently my overclock is 4.6Ghz @ 45C on stock voltage with a 23x multiplier. I have all the power options in my bios turned to extreme as far as power is concered and all the other features (such as cool n' quiet) disabled. When I bump up to 23.5x Multiplier I BSOD and increasing the CPU bus speeds usually results in my 3 or 4th core failing within 20 minutes of a prime95 test.

Unrealistically I'd like to see 4.9-5Ghz and realistically I'd like to push for an extra 200Mhz stable (4.8Ghz) for a full 1Ghz OC. let me know if you guys have any thoughts, tips, hints or if these chips don't respond well to CPU bus speed increases and this is all I'll get.

honestly, I'm not sure if this speed was granted by my water cooling or not but I'd like to push the limits of that too, I believe these chips top out at about 63C but I'm not 100% on that... Prime95 is programmed to shut down at 60C to be on the safe side but hasn't gotten above 52C
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  1. is that 23.5 multiplier without upping the voltage? you will eventually hit a point where you have to start feeding it voltage on a very sharp curve.

    For example, my 8120 runs fine at 4.7 ghz @ 1.344V. upping only 300 mhz to 5.0 ghz requires 1.475V ... and adds 10c.

    To me thats totally not worth it other than bragging that I can run at 5.0 ghz. Even going to 4.8 ghz requires a jump to almost 1.4V, so my chip 4.7 ghz is the breaking point for efficiency.
  2. that was without bumping up the voltage but I just checked Prime95 and 2 workers stopped working at about the 3 hour point so I dropped down to 23x and bumped up the voltage to 1.452 (I think, CPU-Z keeps jumping between 1.332 - 1.432volts) if it runs stable like this until tomorrow morning I'll bump back up to 23.5x. have you noticed that increasing the CPU buss speeds puts you in BOSD with a high multi? b/c I go up 5-10 with a "stable" multi (testing for about an hour) and usually blue screen right away or once I open Prime95
  3. Try lowering your ramspeed,
    set it to run at 1333MHz manually,
    once you can get stable you can bring it back up to faster speeds
    but this removes the possibility of ram causing Bsod's
  4. lower my Ram speed you say >_> alright! I'll give that a try! I thought it had to be something stupid because it's only 1-2 cores failing but the entire system keeps running stable
  5. A lot of the FSB speed will increase the rest of your cpu and memory. Nb, HT, Memory are all affected by FSB. you have to play a balancing act. NB MUST REMAIN BELOW 2600 MHZ at all costs, ht below 3400.

    Current oc, 267 fsb, 17.5 multiplier, 4.688 ghz cpu, 2403 NB, 2670 HT, 2133 memory.

    With your CPU-Z voltage jumping around, you need to turn your load line control to ultra.

    And as Moto said, ram us usually tested very well for what its rated for, overclocking just a little may unstabilize it, but going slower than its rated for should run without any issues at all. good for testing.
  6. I do have the load line control on ultra, it's still jumping around between 1.352 and 1.452, I've also turned the Ram down to 1333Mhz for now - it's rated for 1866Mhz. running Prime95 again and watching for workers to stop. hopefully this memory adjustment is my answer.
  7. Is your voltage on auto or did you set that manually?
    sorry to ask but I feel it may be a factor
  8. I have it bumped up a bit manually, I haven't been able to keep the voltage steady since I've started overclocking

    Edit: if I have a worker fail soon I'll double check that for you
  9. No probs, just if it was jumping around it may have been on auto, thats why I apologised, hated to ask but had to be sure hehe
  10. it's cool - I keep having a problem with core #3 failing, it's not crashing the computer. it's just stopping during the Prime95 test - everyone else is running strong... so far. going to reboot at 4.5Ghz though
  11. wich bios are you running? Mine doesn't change voltage at all, only thing disabled is C1E and Turbo. Idle at 0.97V and load at 1.344. something doesn't seem right if its still jumping voltage.

    This is on 901 bios.
  12. I have a sabertooth 990FX w/ Bios by American Megatrends Inc, Version 705
  13. Download the newest BIOS. I believe it's 1102. Might help and can't hurt!

  14. I downloaded it but how do I apply it? it's a .ROM file. don't tell me I need a floppy disk drive b/c I just don't have one haha...
  15. Look in your bios, there may be an Ez flash type thing in there, I know AsRock have it so Asus may as well,
    Save the bios file to a flashdrive, reboot and tell the Ez bios thing to flash from the flashdrive,
  16. alright, I've seen what your talking about. I'll give it a try tomorrow after work/school so I can give Prime95 a full +24 hours to test system stability before I start tweaking the CPU bus speed to push past 4.5Ghz
  17. nope there should be software on your motherboard CD called ASUS Update

    you can load the .ROM file into that softwaer.

    You do not want ANY instability while playing with bios updates.
  18. Good call - thanks for the help
  19. checked the computer and Prime95 is still running stable at 4.5Ghz across all 6 cores, tonight I'll save that profile and start upping the CPU bus speed to see what else I can get out of the system...
  20. Nice one, I can't see the purpose of pushing further (other than because you can:P)
    but glad we got you sorted for the 4.5GHz mate :)
  21. because I can is really the only answer. also I'm one of those people that bought a liquid cooling loop not out of necessity but out of desire and now I'm trying to put it to good use to I'm really looking to push that thermal limit (or at least come close) and then have to back off. which I'd be perfectly happy with.

    though 4.5 isn't anything to laugh at I think haha..
  22. And its the answer I like to give myself,
    if there is no way to do a thing, MAKE a way

    Best of luck man and let us know how things go :)
  23. alright cross your fingers that I'm stable at this particular set up. 22.5x multipler, 204 CPU Buss speed at 1.4volts (about) WITH the Memory running at 1900Mhz all at 49C!

    I'll leave it here unless there is something to tweak that I don't know about that won't require I up the voltage. this is as high as I want to go!

    thanks for the help everyone =D
  24. 49'c Idle? Damn thats high, my gaming temps don't often get there lol
  25. 49C loaded on a Prime95 blend! haha, it's actually jumped up to about 50C, just started the test about 15 minutes ago so it must still be stabilizing the temps
  26. Thats more like it hehe, what water are you running btw? Allinone or a real loop?
  27. Custom loop I just finished this weekend, I have the Frozenq double helix dual bay res, XSPC ray storm block, a MCP655 pump (way over kill for my little CPU loop haha) and a... Stealth GT 280 rad... I messed that name up a bit but you get the idea! also vinyl tubing from lowes =D oh and Ocool alphacool pure water with dead water and electric blue dye

    Edit: I also should mention that I have 2 140mm fans pushing air up out of the case, a 120mm pushing out and 2 120s pulling air in. I think they deserve a mention
  28. Nice, just thought I'd check because the title says 'on water' :-)
  29. thanks, one day (maybe tonight) I'll try and snap some pictures but my phone camera doesn't have a flash so maybe I'll borrow my girlfriends Nikon and get some real pictures up this weekend
  30. Throw a couple into the W/c members gallery, but your cable management better be good hehe
  31. eh it could use some work, also a core failed @ 1900Mhz ram speed so I'm dropping to 1600-1700 lol
  32. mcopinger said:
    because I can is really the only answer. also I'm one of those people that bought a liquid cooling loop not out of necessity but out of desire and now I'm trying to put it to good use to I'm really looking to push that thermal limit (or at least come close) and then have to back off. which I'd be perfectly happy with.

    though 4.5 isn't anything to laugh at I think haha..

    now that's what I am talking about, cool man. I like to o-clock tweak on over clocking, do it all the time. working on a project now to do just that, clock it more, pushing it right to that edge. YEA!!! ok I feel better now. have fun with that, the real power is AMD, worlds record holder for fastest clock and it's a FX like yours.
  33. What cooler do you have?
  34. Iif the question was to Tool, he also watercools
  35. I have a H60 2013 cooler and the fx6200 I want to see 4.5 but when I up the multiplier I get BSOD and I cant seem to find the voltage control in my bios, oh yes my motherboard is an asus m5a78lx usb3 I think.
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