My seagate external hard drive wont show up

I have a Seagate 500GB external hard drive. It has been working perfectly since I got it last Christmas until all of a sudden it won't register anymore.
I have Windows Vista and I have tried going to my computer, right clicking on it and going to manage, and going to the disk management and it doesn't show up at all.
The green light on it is on but it flashes. It makes no sounds or vibrations at all like it usually does when it's working.
I have tons of irreplacable stuff on there, including my artwork, so any adivce would be greatly helpful.
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  1. If your drive is powered from the USB port, then try plugging it into a port at the rear of your computer rather than a front USB port.

    Alternatively, try a USB Y-cable.

    A standard USB port is current limited to 500mA. A Seagate ST9500325AS drive, for example, requires about 850mA during spinup, and about 400mA thereafter. A Y-cable is therefore sometimes necessary to pick up power from two USB ports.
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