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Hello, I have an old Dell Insprion laptop running xp version 2002 service pack 3 that I'd like to get on my wifi network. When I start it, it sees a number of networks, including mine. When I try to connect, it asks for my network key, which I enter. It then shows the network with a star and "Automatic" with a button to connect. I click that, and it works for a while, showing a message "Waiting for network to be ready". When it stops, it goes back to the original screen. Under "Network Connections" there are some old disabled connections and one that says Connected and shows the length of time connected. But the browser continues to show "Server not found" Any advice?
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  1. what IP is assigned to your laptop?
  2. Well, you've got me thinking what an idiot I am now. I don't know. I have 4 pc laptops, one apple laptop, two desktops and a couple phones connected to my wifi, never manually assigned an IP to any of them. Just followed the automated connection process.
  3. does it receive an IP from the router?
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