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So I was trying to make a boot drive on my usb stick, and i was going to format it to fat32. I accidentally clicked the wrong drive though and selected my external storage drive which has everything on backed up on it. Basically I need to recover the data.

The drive was in ntfs, and it's been formatted to fat32, but i only let the thing run for a few seconds before i realised and cancelled.

The drive is now showing 128gb free of 931gb (whereas before it was ~800gb free of 931) and when i try and open it it's empty. It's in fat32 mode now, and before it was ntfs. Can I recover my data (most important) and get my hard drive back to normal?

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  1. Try this is or similar Dude. Good Luck.
  2. I just ran Recover My Files And It didn't find anything. All I can say is help?
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