DVD/CD Rom won\'t read any discs

Hello,need help have been using my DVD rom without any problems, but haven't used it since Feb i tried yesterday to burn a DVD it doesn't react on anything wont even eject. Kindly help
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  1. Any weird sound from it?
    Can U open any cd/dvd? Can My computer see it?
    Have U tried other dvd ?
    Recheck your burning program speed settings.

    See if it works on another user.
    Check Event viewer for cd related errors in control panel>administative tools>comp management.
    Check Device manager . Does it seem ok? no errors or anyhing related to it?

    Try it "outside' Windows to see if the cd/dvd rom is the problem.
    Try to see if you can boot from a Win cd (bios- change boot order). If you can, then it's a software related problem.
    Try uninstalling and reinstaling the burning program. Try a different burning program. Do you have Nero? if not, give it a try.

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