Core Temp vs. ASUS AI Suite II

Hello, I am learning about all of this cooling stuff and I am confused. Help.

I have two different programs for measuring tempurature. They both run a C. One is the ASUS AI Suite II from the ASUS site. The other is Core temp. When I run them at the same time they give me different readings. Why? I tried my first expereiment with overclocking yesterday and both readins were way different from start to finish. Most of the time Core temp is lower than ASUS but then sometimes when I run Prime 95, it's higher.

I've got a feeling it's something I'm not doing to set up the test correctly.


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  1. That is the first time I have not gotten an answer form anyone.. Wow.
  2. refer to Different software read slightly different temps. How much of a difference are you talking about?
  3. Thanks for the reply Kelthic but the link doesn't work. So the jist of the article is that different programs give different readings? Ok. Cool.
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    Make sure you update your bios to be safe, but yes, different programs read slightly different temperatures depending on the hardware, sensors, etc. As long as they are similar and not a great deal off i would not be overly concerned about it.
  5. Cool, Thanks. I'm just flashed the bios the other day. have a good one!
  6. Glad to help!
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  8. On my rig it is showing that CORE TEMP is at 36 - 38 C on each core. While ASUS Suite it showing 29 C
  9. FILIPINOY79 said:
    On my rig it is showing that CORE TEMP is at 36 - 38 C on each core. While ASUS Suite it showing 29 C

    This is because Asus All Suite uses the CPU temp, which is different from the Core temp most other programms use.
  10. what's the difference between CPU temp and core temp? thanks
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