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Hi all,

Im looking for an alternative storage solution to what I have now. I currently have a desktop computer and a htpc. The htpc has a 1Tb and a 1.5TB drive. The desktop has a 2TB drive and a 60GB ssd. I have lots of music, pictures, videos, emails, documents etc across the 2x pc's. The only backups I have are the ones I do manually on a spare hdd.

What I want is to streamline the storage into a central location, and put all the large drives in it and have just a ssd in both the computers to run the OS and basic programs etc, then share the videos/music/pictures etc from the storage across the network. I am thinking some type of storage solution that allows for multiple sized hdds and still allows for redundancy if 1x drive fails.

Is there anything that is similar to RAID 5 that allows me to use different sized/branded drives (the 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB)? I want to do this as cheap as possible and reuse the existing drives if possible. I also want something that does not take up too much space. I am willing to build a PC from old parts to do the job if that works out as the cheapest solution though.

Anyone know of anything that would suit my needs or recommend any alternatives? All I want is something which gives me plenty of storage and allows for redundancy if a drive fails.
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  1. Wikipedia identifies 5 redundant file systems: but does not say a lot about what they do.
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    Use FreeNAS and old computer part - DYI NAS
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