The 5970 is LITERALLY not here!! Ergh!

Within hours, they're sold out everywhere...

I would have got one too, but there were no news articles on any of the many popular websites stating the release.

I am frustrated with ATI, because I've been waiting to get a 5870 since a week after they released, so I decided to grab 5970 and I missed it because no one announced it outside of one questionable foreign website sellng one for $1500. The ATI newsletter didn't even speak of it!

ATI cannot supply the high demand for these cards, but all of them being sold out within an hour of post? This is just ridiculous.
By the time ATI releases enough where the average consumer can pick one up without sniping one, Nvidia will have already released their new cards. That combined with so much more of ATI's crap (like their refusal to solve their 1080i Directx10 Vista issue) makes me think "Maybe I should just wait for Nvidia, and get one of their new ones."

Is there ANYWHERE left to buy one of these?
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More about 5970 literally here ergh
  1. Nice job starting yet another thread, since people refuted your statement in the last thread you started trying to say this.

    The 5970 is here. People have already purchased it.
  2. Hey, Nitro, do you realize that nVidia is getting their 40 nm chips from TSCM just like ATi?

    So if ATi is having trouble procuring chuis from TSCM, what makes you think nVidia will have any better luck?

    Want to look at it even deeper? ATi buys chips individually. So if TSCM can get 50 chips off one wafer, ATi buys just hose 50 chips. nVidia though buys the whole wafer. So they get the good chips AND the bad chips. But since nVidia paid for those bad chips, they're stuck with them. Guess how they pass off that, the consumer.

    Worse for nVidia still is die size. ATi uses smaller dice allowing a larger potential for more good chips per wafer than would be for larger dice on the same wafer.

    You're railing on ATi for the exact same problem that is about to plague nVidia only it will hit them even worse if TSCM doesn't get their yeilds up.
  3. Realize, as others had said, NVidia would be facing all these problems too, if they had a chip ready for production. Any delays faced by ATI now will be tacked on to NVidia's current woes. I do however find it odd that ATI is releasing a new card in the middle of the shortage. Hopefully it is a sign that (at least they think) TSMC has worked out their faults and now has 40nm running at full capacity (of course, even once that happens their will be some lag, as those chips now have to be put on cards and shipped out).
  4. This is as pointless as the first one, and no, we dont need another
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