What would be a good overclock on sapphire radeon 6850

I am new to OC with video cards, and i was wondering if i can get my 6850 to a 6870 level. in terms of core clock and memory clock.

what kind of temperatures are too hot. and how will i know when or if i need to increase voltage.
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  1. any temp below to 75°C is very good for the gpu, more than 75°C you should go back with your oc for reach a safe place for your card ...

    i have a dual fan hd 6850 and oc this to 920 / 1100 and the temps in full load are 66°C max ...

    just try keep below 75°C
  2. I've got two Asus 6850 in crossfire. I OCd to 920/1150 and because of my temperatures are almost always less than 75*c unless I'm running the gpus and my cpu at almost 100%
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