Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area blue screen

I am locked out XP repair at this page. I know that my RAM is good> Any ideas?
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  1. This is an older system that I am running in RAID0. Q6600 CPU, DDR2800 x2 OCZ platnum Rev2, 4,4,4,12. I have backed off the speed to 400 and 5,5,5,12. still BSD.
  2. ...well I suppose that I should let you all know how I solved my problem. I upgraded to Windows 7. I had no problems what so ever, same memory, same bios settings, evrything except XP, ...go figure.
  3. Page fault BSOD's are caused by one of two things:
    1: Application gets an unhandled memory access error, and overwrites a critical section of RAM
    2: One or more RAM segments is damaged, causing a Read/Write error

    In either case, changing the software can hide the issue, but won't fix it. I'd run a memory test, as I'd assum the error will eventually return in some form.
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