DG965RY supports 1TB and above hard disk space or not?

hi guys,

i have DG965RY motherboard and right-now i am using total 900gb hard disks space

1- 400gb_SEAGATE_with 16mb cache
2- 500gb WESTERN DIGITAL_with 32mb cache).

I want to purchase today <WESTERN DIGITAL 1000GB 3.5" HDD 64MB Cache (WD10EARS)> and attached with both hard disks.

my question is that, DG965ry supports 1900gb with different cache sizes?

please guide me..

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  1. hey, can anybody guide me and do you have any answer of my questions?
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    It will support as many hard disks as you can attach to it. The total size, as long as each hard disk doesn't exceed the maximum supported capacity, or cache on each drive won't cause issues.
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  4. Thanks
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