9400 GT Core Temp

So, I am running a newly purchased 9400 GT un touched settings. I have not over clocked this card.

Core = 550MHz
Shader = 1350MHz
Mem = 399MHz

At idle the card is running 79C and when playing Aion its runs around 89C
that seems really hot, specially since it isnt overclocked.

Nvidia says 105C is max

What do you guys think? Is there a way to cool this thing?
I have lots of case fans, 4 actually. Nothing is next to the card.
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  1. i can tell u smthn abt that card dude i have this card and it doesn't heat the max temp i got when i oc is 60C but idk wuts causing ur problem it may be cz of the fan have u tried to tweak the fan with riva tuner
  2. I havent touched any settings. The card is complete default.
    It is in a large case, with nothing close to it.
    I tried cleaning the card with air, but that didnt change anything.

    I have riva tuner installed but havent used it for anything. Not sure how.
  3. u can try riva runer for the fan setting of ur card
    just smply double click on riva tuner and then go to where it says driver settings in blue then next to force ware detected there is a customize arrow click it then there should be a card pic click it then go to the fan tab and the adjust the fan and see if it changes smthn
  4. Are you having any issues? Or are you just stating it is running hot?

    Alot of 9400Gt's have passive cooling, i.e. no fan. If this is a passively cooled card it is going to run toasty. If it does have a fan, some of them are somewhat small. What model do you have? Another culprit could be bad case airflow. Do you have this installed in a branded PC, or a home brew? What size case or what model PC do you have?
  5. just one thing outside the subject does anybody of u know the memory clock of the inno3d 9400 gt
  6. The card does have a fan. I will have to look up the specific sub-model when I get home. It is a small board with a small fan in a home built machine.
    Case flow is ok, and it is a larger case TV Tunner is a few slots down to help with heat.
    CPU is an E8500 overclocked to 4.1 Stable. Has several fans and old 8400 didnt run hot.

    This card does not have the large fan or the black cover like 9600 it has a small board with a small fan. Looks rather stripped down.

    Seems to run fine just hot. I can not watch TV and play Aion at the same time, the card gets way to hot and the TV starts to freeze.
    I dont blame the card for that, I image it would be to much for any mid-level card.

    I wanted to overclock the card, but that isnt possible with it running at these temps.
  7. dude like i said try rivatuner fan control u said u have riva tuner so do like i said test it with its fan dude just do it ! lol:p
    anyways i have the inno3d version of this card and it running amazingly high but im tellin u its a fan thing control ur fan with riva tuner adjust it to 75% and test it
  8. im using a Zotac 9400 gt 1GB for a year now and its kinda kool,not so hi-end bt its ok.....i have OCed it n here r my specs

    Core Clock : 650MHz
    Shader Clock : 1650MHz
    Memory Clock : 509MHz

    so far i havent gotten any problms n the tempeature is 67*c even after intense gaming...........the temperature is ALWAYS 50*c when idle............for a low end card n value for money this card is preety good........any way i recently built an awesome cpu but no cash to get that gtx 460 n my dad wont give me any money either so im stuck wid 9400gt

    oh n all my games work well with high (or almost high) graphics on this 9400gt..........i dont get below 25fps n most of my games are always 30-40 fps (i havent run crysis on my pc yet but i guess it will be very slow)
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