MY first ATI card: How to overclock my ATI 4570 on the laptop

Can any help me point the direction to get more info on this? I know how to overclock NVIDIA GPU.

Never had an ATI card in my life.

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  1. You can do it with Ati Control center,go to OverDrive and you will see 2 sliders which lets you change GPU/Memory clock or use other apps like ATI TOOL,however i wouldn't recommend OC'ng it,it won't give you a great boost in performance.
  2. Laptops generally do not overclock anything well as they already have enough problems dissipating heat.
  3. It depends on the cooling though,some laptops with good cooling allow you to OC,but it still will get hot so its not recommended
  4. Thanks guys for the replies...

    On the second thought, I won't overclock my laptop bec of heat etc...

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