Why is my Q8200 high on idle?


I just recently set up a new computer with the Q8200 with the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus heatsink/fan. I am getting core temperatures from 50-40 Celsius on idle while my friend has the same cooler master heasink/fan and he is getting 30-40 Celsius on idle with his Q9650.

I dont understand how he getting lower temperature when he has a stronger CPU and has the same heatsink/fan. Is there something i did wrong or something I might have forgot?

I am using real temp to see my temperature.
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  1. Your heatsink is probably not mounted correctly. Remount the thing and make sure you're not using too much thermal paste.
  2. +1 but also check your cpu voltage in BIOS.
  3. I remounted the heatsink again, and it looks like I put it on correctly, iono what a incorrect mounted heatsink is or what it would look like. I put too much thermal paste last time so i put a lot less this time. My Vcore voltage is 1.22, I think that's normal.

    Its still the same temperature I high idle temperature. Could the sensor be bad on my CPU. The sensor movement test on real temp is core 0=8,core 1 = 5, core 2 = 10, core 3 = 7. I don't think the numbers is suppose to be that far apart. I don't think air flow is a problem, since I followed my friend by removing the case cover.
  4. what kind of thermal paste you useing
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