Dell620 Latitude computer with Windows 7 fails to read empty DVD please help

I have Dell620 Latitude laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate installed in, I used for almost three Months but I encounter one problem that the DVD-Rom can read data from the CD/DVD but it is unable to detect empty Blue-ray DVD but it reads empty CD please help I have tried to turn off vista's burning feature bt the problem persisted please help
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  1. Is your drive BLU-ray compatible?
    Most of the drives cannot read blu ray discs, you need a special blu ray combo, or writer to read blu ray disc.
  2. yea, i have an old computer that cant read blank cds or dvds, but it is just a reader, to acknowlege blanks it has to be a dvd or in your case, blueray writer. so you are either out of luck, or there may be a portable drive online somewhere that you could plug in or something like that.
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