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I have an Intel DG33 FB board with a single PCIe x16 slot. I'm looking for the best graphics card for around $100-$150.

I'm looking for suggestions from the experts for a good graphics card compatible with my mother board.

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  1. First- as a disclaimer I think you should post your BIOS--there are rare compatibility issues there.

    However, most likely any PCIe 2 x16 card will work just fine in the slot, only potentially bottlenecked to PCIe 1.0 speed. Luckily for you-it is unlikely that many cards under 150 will be constrained.

    So-- dont consider yourself constrained and go with whatever you can afford here:,2464.html
  2. Thanks deadlockedwo!

    I dont have the bios info at hand now but will surely post it.

    I've kinda zeroed in on

    Waiting to see if I get a better price next week on these as well as other cards.
  3. another relevant post:

    Nice. EVGA is a good brand-and those are virtually the same card. (the 250 is just the 2009 rebranding attempt) Nvidia cards are still using gddr3 too--so if the above gddr5 thing is actually true (i dont know) it might be smart.

    Still, i should note that competitive in this price range are any inventories of ($89)4850s or ($135)4870s that haven't been cleared out yet. It appears that newegg's inventory has been mostly updated to the 57xx cards but some other retailers might still have them at that price. The 4850 is very close to the power of the cards you listed, and the 4870 is more powerful. (also the 4770 is competitive to a gts 250, but i dont know how much of its power relies on the gddr5)
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