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i have this problem when i turn on my pc the gpu fan turns really fast and is noisy even after the windows is completely booted..i even waited for it to slow down but never did..the weird thing is sometimes when i boot up it the gpu runs normal and is pretty silent...i already checked the temp for both kinds of boot up..and theyre pretty much in the same beginning to think its a hadware problem because i already upgrade my OS from windows xp sp3 to windows 7 my specs are

Intel DG35EC motherboard(upgraded to the latest bios 0118),2pcs kingston 1gb 800 ram, intel e7200 processor, 8600gt inno3d, and i also changed the PSU because i thought this was the problem which unfortunately psu silverstone st50f..
and how do i check if my motherboard is still system is 6mos old

any inputs will be appreciated.Thank you
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  1. Graphics card fan noise can be difficult to control. I haven't seen a motherboard bios that can do this. Only option is to change heatsinks and get rid of the fan. Some excellent copper heatsinks are available with push on plastic inserts. Your 8600gt may work fine fanless; you'll just have to try it. Or you may be able to install an rpm adjuster with an aftermarket fan that has at least 3 pins on the connector. Most are tiny 2 pin designs; I use zalman fan mate rpm adjusters, which cost around $7 at frys, but they may not fit your gpu fan.
  2. by the way this just happened a week do you mean the fan already gave up? so this has nothing to do with a defective motherboard then? thanx for your quick reply ^^ also looking into buying heatsinks if this is really the problem
  3. since it is an nvidia card have you installed the nvidia system monitor? it shows you the temperature of the card (among other things) and the fan speed (which you can change).

    I also have HWInfo on my PC which shows the temperature of all the main parts in windows (a bit nicer than going into bios).

    Also, do you have the latest drivers? because if you don't try them...if you already do, try rolling them back. :D
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